Southern Lumber Reclaimed

Southern Lumber Reclaimed

Our Story is still being written

Start up business

Start up business

This adventure began 3 years ago when we remodeled our home and wanted some rustic history but couldn't find much locally. We started to ask around about structures near us. Then we wanted to build a hobbit style treehouse. Structures then just started to find us! After 20 years of searching for a passion that I could turn into a business, we found it. We ran the numbers, did our research and checked on similar models. Gave notice to my corporate career, signed a lease with The Taylors Mill, got control of 2 homes from the 1800s and we were on our way.

Our mission


We will do everything in our control to save as many of the structures we come in contact with. 

We will go to great lengths to dismantle every stucture with a calculated plan and detailed execution.

We will use every precaution we have learned to offer our customers a quality product that we would value in our own home.

What you can expect


  • hand hewn beams of all sizes and dimensions (axe marks)
  • rough sawn beams and boards of all shapes and sizes (saw marks)
  • straight edge and tongue and groove flooring - 5/8 to 1.25 inches thick and 2.25 inches wide to 13 inches wide
  • salvaged home decor beyond what we can even imagine 
  • architectual items such as doors, windows and hardware
  • an organized, well lit business to find just the right product for your next project
  • if we need to, we can reach out to partners in the area to find just what you are looking for